Poetry Workshop with Saumya Kulshreshtha

About Event

In our second event of #Kalarath Series we bring to you a Poetry Workshop by Saumya Kulshreshtha. This is an event for poets or poetry aspirants. Entry is Free with Registration. Register now.


Saturday, 19th October 2020



E-Cafe, S.PACE

First of all a BIG Thank You to all of you who made our first event in #Kalarath a success. We believe in helping out talents by providing them tools and training that can make them better at their art. In this effort of ours, here we present the second event of #Kalarath series. This time we are coming up with a poetry workshop with Saumya Kulshreshtha. You can attend the event by registering below.

About the Poetry Workshop

This workshop on Poetry is particularly useful for poets/aspiring poets of Hindi/Urdu or English poets. The attendees will get to learn more about Writing Techniques, and making a poem ready for publication. Also, a rich discussion on poetry is something that should not be missed.

The entry for this workshop is Free but with Registration. You can register for this event in the form below.

About Saumya Kulshreshtha

Saumya is a writer, poet, translator, and educator. She teaches poetry, communications, and mythology at several schools and colleges. She is also the Founder of Poets’ Collective, a poetry club based in Delhi. In addition to this, Saumya is a Communications and Branding professional, consulting for organizations from diverse domains.

She is a guest teacher at IIIT Delhi, where she teaches English Poetry and Indian Mythology. Saumya conducts poetry and creative writing workshops and lectures in NGOs, schools, and colleges. Her areas of interest include Classical Sanskrit Poetry and Drama, British Romantic Movement, Confessional Poetry, Post-Colonial Literature, Urdu Poetry and the Chhayavaad School of Poetry in Hindi. Indian English Poetry is the field is spending most time understanding now.